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Our offshore engineering expertise will resolve your offshore technical challenges and further make them safe, efficient & environmentally friendly.
Voe Marine offers a complete design and verification service covering offshore marine structures, offshore equipment, offshore analysis, motions & seakeeping, offshore stability and related systems. We conduct regular vessel surveys to ensure all design output meets the functional requirements with due regard for safety and the environment.

Safe in operation | Optimised for cost | High quality | Low environmental impact.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of work possible, our team uses the latest industry software tools while working closely with 3rd party stakeholders including Class and Flag State to ensure we meet all requirements consistently.

  • Deployment & installation analysis
  • Mooring analysis & equipment specification
  • Offshore structures and floating units
  • Offshore procedures

To learn more about our engineering services, read our case studies below.

  • Voe Marine Project, 2.1-ROV Deployment Analysis
  • Voe Marine Project - ROV Deployment analysis table


ROV Deployment Analysis

  • Location – UK
  • Vessel – Siem Day

Siem Offshore approached us to complete an ROV deployment analysis onboard the vessel Siem Day to provide client assurance on the ROV operability / sea state limits.

  • Review & define the ROV & LARS for overside and moonpool systems
  • Establish operational load cases (launch, subsea, recovery)
  • Define vessel motions RAO
  • Define system maximum limits
  • Perform analysis & report results

A comprehensive report was completed and issued to the customer summarizing the information in a clear and concise format for all load cases.

To learn more about Voe Marine’s engineering services, visit our projects page.


Mooring System Review

  • Project – Tidal Stream Renewables

  • Location – Offshore Irish Sea
  • Vessel – Offshore Buoy

Voe Marine were approached by Minesto who were developing a tidal stream generator system to complete a mooring line failure review.

The scope of work required a revalidation of the mooring system and failure analysis from the data available including subsea video footage, mooring line tension history and excursion data taken from the floating structure. Recommendations were prepared covering mooring design, manufacture and installation.

To learn more about our engineering services, visit our projects page.

Cut cable and ropes - Voe Marine Project

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