Inshore & Coastal Marine Services

VOE MARINE provides inshore & coastal marine services to a wide range of sectors utilising our fleet of marine assets, which are well suited to support clients’ operations. This includes workboats, barges and other marine equipment that can be mobilised at short notice.

Our vessels and equipment are used for a wide range of projects including:

  • Aquaculture
  • Mooring work
  • Mooring surveys & reporting
  • Marine civils
  • Dive support
  • Marine renewables
  • Crew transfer
  • Inshore surveys
  • Dredging support
  • Safety boats

Challenging Environments

Voe Marine team has extensive experience in delivering marine projects in challenging environments.

Our project delivery team ensures projects are delivered in a safe, cost-effective manner and to a high standard.  While our shore team includes engineers, project managers, welders and fabricators who deliver turnkey projects.

Voe Marine has a range of equipment to support projects, including:

  • Workboats & Barges
  • Winches & Rigging
  • Forklifts, Vehicles and Trailers
  • Containers
  • Underwater cameras
  • Pressure washers
  • Anchors

Aquaculture & Mooring Support

Voe Marine has been serving the industry for over 30 years and is an approved supplier for various fish farming companies.

Our purpose-built vessel is designed specifically for undertaking grid work, mooring inspections, and general site support work. Our fleet of vessels can be utilised for:

  • undertaking general site support (including treatment support)
  • mort removal
  • site set up and removal

Our vessel crews are experienced fish farmers – having spent a number of years working for fish farms on the west coast of Scotland and Shetland.

Marine Civil Engineering
& Harbour Support

We have delivered a number of marine civil, harbour and dive support projects over the years.

We can provide coded workboats to meet your needs in terms of the highest health and safety standards with a qualified crew on board at all times.

Marine Renewables

Voe Marine has a proven track record in delivering industry-leading services for tidal, wave and wind energy projects.

We offer project delivery from the initial concept stage through to deployment and installation as well as equipment monitoring inspections maintenance- all with an emphasis on safety standards that exceed government regulations.

  • Voe Marine Vessel with crane unloading
  • Voe Marine Vessel with crane at night on a sea farm
  • Voe Marine Vessel with crane at a sea farm


Site Support

  • Location – UK, West Coast Scotland
  • Client – Scottish Salmon Company (SSC)

VOE MARINE was contracted by SSC for 14 months to provide marine site support to fish farms located on Harris & Lewis.

Our workboat Provider worked 12 hours per day 7 days per week to assist with site maintenance and support wellboats during treatments and harvesting. This project demonstrated the capability of our workboat Provider and crew lifting several pen nets per day whilst supporting the site teams between treatments with daily site tasks.

The Provider is equipped with 2 x 5 tonne capstans for this type of work. The vessel is also equipped with an auxiliary engine to power hydraulics and electrics to reduce fuel consumption making the vessel very efficient, thus providing a low-cost solution to clients.

To learn more about Voe Marine services, visit our projects page.


Fish Farm Site Support

  • Location – UK, Carradale, Scotland
  • Client – Mowi (UK)

VOE MARINE was contracted for a period of 5 months to provide site support at Carradale, one of the largest salmon farms in Scotland.

During the project, we undertook tasks required to ensure the highest welfare standards were maintained for the stock, this included:

  • Dive support
  • ROV support
  • Mort removal
  • Cleaner fish transfer
  • Fuel transfer
  • Mooring checks

To learn more about our marine services, visit our projects page.

  • Voe Marine Vessel at Sea Farm
  • Vessels at sea

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