Our Story

Voe Marine originated from a family business in Shetland with a deep-rooted marine heritage.

The company’s forebears were originally fishermen and seafarers who made a living from the sea. This included working on traditional wooden Shetland sixereens boats. At 30 foot long, the men rowed or sailed up to 40 miles from land to catch fish.

The company is proud of its heritage and the hard work and determination of its forebears. It is this same commitment to quality and excellence that drives the company today.

Shetland Voes

For centuries, the people of Shetland have relied on boats to transport goods and supplies between the islands. The distinctive ‘sixereen’ boats were used to land catches of fish in sheltered ‘voes’, or inlets, on the west side of Shetland. These boats were also used to transport other cargo, including peats for fuel.

The sixereen was a vital part of life in Shetland and played an important role in the island’s economy and heritage. They provide a unique link to the past and remind us of the island’s rich maritime history.

Long-Standing Heritage

Our company has a long-standing heritage in the marine industry.

Dating back to when our founders first started working on salmon and mussel farms in the voes around Shetland. It was from this early exposure to the industry that they developed their interest and knowledge of marine work, which they later used to establish Voe Marine.

We are proud to still have mussel farms in Shetland, which are now owned and operated by another one of our companies, Voe Marine Farms Ltd. These farms are a testament to our long history in the industry, and we continue to work hard to provide quality products and services to our customers.

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